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One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One coaching support, in which I partner with you to increase awareness, act with intention, and set limits so you can achieve what’s next for you. I will be your champion, sounding board, and co-designer. I offer acceptance, confidential support, and accountability. Additionally, I have a wealth of tools and strategies to help you overcome many obstacles from the practical logistics to significant mindset challenges.  

I structure one-on-one coaching with different levels of support (from once a month to once a week) depending upon your goals and desired pace.  

Examples of goals I’ve assisted clients with: 

  • Get back on track with research and writing 
  • Coping with and moving away from overwhelm and overcommitment 
  • Creating an electronic and paper filing system that allows me to find what I’m looking for with out wasting so much time! 
  • Dealing with difficult colleagues 
  • Identifying the contribution I want to make in this next phase of my career 
  • Finding time for my research in a busy semester 
  • Managing administrative work associated with being a program director, chair, and associate dean 
  • Balancing teaching, research, and service with my personal life 
  • Finding a way to be mentally and emotionally present with friends and family when I’m not working 
  • Dealing with the procrastination of writing my dissertation 
  • Adjusting to life as a new assistant professor  

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TAME the Chaos Digital Course

Ready to transform those feelings of overwhelm, overcommitment, and excessive stress? With this digital course, you’ll learn and create your own Chaos Taming Framework. When you incorporate this Framework into your life, you’ll reach your long-term aspirations as well as experience greater contentment and joy in your professional and personal life.

Your end result? A simple, powerful workflow system that empowers you with the tools for creating control, energy, and focus for the remainder of your academic career.

My signature digital course, TAME the Chaos, is not currently open for enrollment but if you are interested in the course, sign up for the waitlist to be one of the first to know when it will be available again.

Discover What YOU Need to Gain Control of Your Flexible Schedule: A Brief 6-Question Self-Assessment

You have a flexible schedule! Great! You’re probably envied by many people who have traditional working hours.

However, your schedule allows you to work anytime! Does this freedom push you toward the extremes—either working too much or too little?

Find that you tend to work more after hours or on weekends when other people are taking time off?

Do you find it difficult to enjoy the freedom your flexible schedule offers?

Take this short, 6-question self-assessment that will aid you in identifying your specific obstacle to enjoying the true value of your flexible schedule. You’ll get a brief report with suggestions on how to tackle your specific obstacle!

Discover What YOU Need to Gain Control of Your Flexible Schedule


Do your faculty, staff, and/or administrators need energizing ideas and some motivation? Would your students, faculty, and staff benefit from engaging with motivated faculty, staff, and/or administrators who have energizing ideas? In higher education, we facilitate the development of students into lifelong learners. Yet the demands of life can lead us to neglect a holistic approach to our own professional development. 

If your existing or brand-new professional development program could benefit from learning, engaging with, and trying some new ideas, consider one or more of these workshops. I offer these for faculty, staff, and administrators in higher education.  

I can also tailor the workshops to one segment or a combination of these. The length varies based on your needs and interests. Contact me at to discuss your needs, possible times, and rates. 

A Brief 6-Question Self-Assessment for Controlling Your Time

Frequently Asked Questions

How can coaching help you?

Coaching is a partnership. I will partner with you to increase your awareness, create focus, discover ways for you to make the most of the opportunities available to you, and take action! I will be your champion, sounding board, and co-designer. I offer acceptance, support, and accountability, while also reflecting the truth others might be reluctant to provide. 

What can you expect from me?
  • Acceptance
  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • A confidential relationship
  • An objective perspective
Who hires me?

Faculty in higher education who want help in reaching their goals of academic success. Coaching works best when you are motivated to change and see a gap between where you want to be and where you find yourself now.

How does coaching differ from other professional services?

I am not a therapist, consultant, tutor, teacher, or even mentor. Although, I do employ some tools used in these professions. Coaching is future-focused and action-oriented. Coaching begins with the fundamental principle that you are whole, capable, and resourceful. You are NOT broken, and you are NOT in need of fixing. The goal and process of coaching are toward developing your full potential and uncovering obstacles that prevent you from reaching that potential. Be aware that sometimes the great obstacles are the ones we create ourselves. Because we each learn differently as well as have different abilities and experiences, coaching explores and works with those differences to discover your unique path to YOUR desired reality whether that be personal, professional, or both.

Can't I just make desired changes myself?

Of course, and quite likely you have already created significant accomplishments alone and/or with other structured support. But some change is harder, and you can become discouraged after unsuccessful attempts. I offer an objective perspective and can help you see habitual patterns and habits of mind that pose obstacles. Plus, you experience the benefit of encouragement, support, and accountability along the way.

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