Do you first need to TAME The CHAOS to Discover What's Next?

Do YOU sense that embracing a new opportunity, while scary, could be very rewarding?

Is your current, desired, or former career in higher education? Any part of that journey feeling frustrating or not the fit you expected? If joy and fulfillment elude you, then you’re ready to DESIGN your way to what’s NEXT in your life and career so you will begin living the meaningful and purposeful life you’ve imagined.

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What’s holding you back from stepping into self-assurance and consistent progress?

Endless Obligations


Self Doubt


Chaos & Overwhelm


Not ENOUGH Time!



Once you TAME the Chaos life creates, possibilities emerge

and you have the opportunity to . . .

  • Reduce the stress of not getting it all done
  • Save time wasted on procrastinating
  • Say “yes” only when you really mean it
  • Make consistent progress on implementing your ideas
  • Sleep better and longer
  • Recapture the opportunity for relaxation and time with family and friends
  • Reconnect with an earlier vision of the career you imagined
  • Stop doubting yourself
  • Gain confidence in your abilities
  • Fulfull the commitments you are passionate about

Are you on one of these Journeys?


Secure Tenure

Ready to convert the pressure and stress of the clicking tenure clock into consistent and productive action?

Finish that Dissertation

Ready to leave ABD hell?

Level Up Your Skills

Need to meet the demands of a new position, such as chair, director, or associate dean?

Conquer Procrastination & Overwhelm

Anxious to discover an approach unique for the resistance you experience and the range of responsibilities you face?

Discover a New Approach to Learning

Ready for practical application of insights from neuroscience & cognitive psychology research to yourself, your leadership, or your teaching?

Embrace a New Challenge

Ready to identify your next challenge or move forward with a goal you’ve already set?

If you are ready to make one of these Journeys as rewarding as your eventual Success, then hire me as your coach to partner with YOU and MAKE it happen!

Make Your Journey As Rewarding as Your Success