A Brief 6-Question Self-Assessment for Controlling Your Time

Do you put off your scholarship until everything else is done? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your long to-do list? When you have TOO much to do, ever notice the stress of it all leads to getting less done? Do you find lots of very rational reasons why you can’t “waste” time writing today because you’ve actually got to accomplish something? Click on the image to get your FREE guide to combat procrastination!

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What’s holding you back from stepping into self-assurance and consistent progress?

Extensive Commitments

Desire to Serve

Chaos & Overwhelm


Not ENOUGH Time!



Once you TAME the Chaos life creates, possibilities emerge

and you have the opportunity to . . .

  • Reduce the stress of not getting it all done
  • Save time wasted on procrastinating
  • Say “yes” only when you really mean it
  • Make consistent progress on implementing your ideas
  • Sleep better and longer
  • Recapture the opportunity for relaxation and time with family and friends
  • Reconnect with an earlier vision of the career you imagined
  • Stop doubting yourself
  • Gain confidence in your abilities
  • Fulfull the commitments you are passionate about

If you are ready to leave overcommitment behind, then hire me as your coach to partner with YOU and MAKE it happen!

Make Your Journey As Rewarding as Your Success